Laser Boys

You need to start out with an idea of the product or item you want to have engraved, cut or manufactured.

There are image types - such as raster images, like photos, that can be used for engraving only. 

The cost of laser cutting & engraving lies mostly in machine time. The more intricate your design is, the longer it will take to cut/engrave & the more expensive it will be.

The cost of an item is a combination of material cost and machine time. Based on this we will supply you with a quotation for the job. Setup fees will also be included in the quotation.

If any changes are made to the design after a quotation has been given, the cost will be revised & a new quotation issued.

If you were not able to supply us with the correct cutting file, we will give you an estimate of the cost for producing the item and  quote you on the design fees for drawing it in the correct format.

All work will require a 50% deposit before any work commences. When your items are ready the balance will be payable on completion.