Laser Boys

Getting a quote is easy via e-mail.

E-mail is our preferred method of communication. Emails help us track project details and allow us to generate quotes more efficiently. If you would like to meet with our design team, please contact Nikkii on 083 609 2880 or Conrad on 082 798 3750 to set up a meeting.

Please e-mail ALL of the following info.

• Project brief/overview

• Artwork or drawing files in appropriate file formats and setup (look below for format info). If you do not have a formatted file    PLEASE send an image or drawing of your concept.

• Material type, dimensions and thickness

• Quantity

• Special handling requirements, comments, or questions

• Contact information


If the link does not access your email client, feel free to copy and paste email address. All quotations are estimations, subject to change and market price dependent. Final costs are effected by the results of testing, changes in artwork, final run times, ect.

File Formats

We can accept and convert nearly any file format you can throw at us ... as long as we know what it is. Most files require some adjustment for the laser, but if you follow our guidelines we should be able to run your project without any problems.

Files sent in the following formats will save both time and money. If we do not have to convert files to the proper format then we do not have to charge for artwork time. We can also then return a quote or job faster. We provide assistance adjusting or creating artwork.

Ideal File Formats:

We can use Vector artwork for cutting and engraving.

Please save in any of the following formats:

• .eps file

• .ai file

• .cdr file from Corel Draw

• Adobe Illustrator



We can only use Bitmap artwork for etching.

Please save as high resolution images in any of the following formats:

• Adobe Photoshop

• Tiff

• Jpeg

• Other formats may be acceptable on request

File setup tips:

• Engraving:

For any areas of artwork that are to be engraved or etched (so not cut entirely through the material) even if it is a “line” should be a solid fill. All outlines should be removed.

• Line Weights: Line weights for cutting should be 0.00762cm If using Corel Draw line weights should be “hairline”.

• Layers: Separate layers should be created for what artwork is being cut vs. what artwork is being engraved.

Example: Score. cut, engrave should each be separated in corresponding layers.

• Page Layout: Page layout should be 60cm x 90cm landscape orientation.

• Max Size: For Laser Cutting, Laser Engraving and Metal Marking our maximum layout size is 120cm x 90cm.

For Rotary Engraving max diameter 27cm and max length 60cm

• For larger special projects contact us.