Laser Boys

Metal Marking

Make your mark on uncoated, anodized, painted, and plated metals.


Showcase your business with the best custom signage and displays in the business. Laser cutting is ideal for creating detailed and intricate designs using wood, acrylic, plastic, and other non-metallic materials. Our experience and expertise allow us to finish jobs faster, more efficiently and more cost effectively.

Laser Boys offers the following service:

  • 3 Dimensional Letters
  • Architectural Signage
  • Custom Signage and Plaques
  • Building & Room Identifications
  • Directory & Lobby Signs
  • Engraving

Please be aware that we do not sell or stock materials.


Architectural details, models, number templates, address numbers, name plates can all be done with laser cutting and engraving.

Bespoke Invitations

Custom laser cut details can elevate invitations and stationery above and beyond the average, but they also require an ample budget.


Though we do not stock or sell materials, we are familiar with paper and other material costs. The heavier weight cover and card stock papers are typically more suited to this application, but are also more costly than text weight papers.Cutting larger sheets allows us to cut more than one invitation at a time which is more efficient and allows for perfect registration. Picking a paper for your wedding is like picking a wall colour for your home. It is very personal.


Wood can be a dramatic and beautiful material to laser cut. There are of course certain woods that lend themselves to cutting more than others. Exotic and hardwoods can be hard to source, difficult to find and expensive to mill. Also certain woods like Purple Heart and Bubinga are not recommended for laser cutting. In general working with 24″cm x 90cm material size allows for efficient laser cutting, but there maybe cases where a different size is the best option. Optimizing sheet size may require your wood to be specifically milled to size, which can add to cost. Woods that are easy to find and laser cut are plywood (all plywood under 10mm will cut), balsa, bass and veneers.

Art work

Regardless if you are a designer or are working with a graphic designer there will often be additional adjustments needed in order to create the correct file for laser cutting. This can be a very big or very small additional expense depending upon how much design work, artwork creation or file conversion is needed. For some clients we simply convert or clean up a file. For others we take a rough concept and do design development, graphic design, prototyping, production and assembly. JIGS Fixtures are specially created platforms or devices, customized per project, that allow us to correctly register to printing or hold materials when cutting that improve quality and reduce burn marks. Jigs are not always needed, but for specific situations they are the only way to achieve accurate and high quality results. Fixture prices are based upon the time it takes to design and cut the  fixture as well as its material cost.


The majority of invitations that we laser cut incorporate some printing. Regardless of whether it is silkscreen, digital, offset or letter press, it is important that we work directly with your printer so we can insure that the elements, such as paper stock and registration, are accounted for in the printing process. Invitations with 100% laser cut text or graphics remove the need of dealing with a printer, but then require more laser time.


Here’s a short list of all items to consider in determining if laser cut invitations are within your budget:

What kind of paper or substrate and is it laser appropriate?

Is your paper or wood available in the optimal size for laser cutting or does it require additional cut fees?

What will your shipping costs be to and from us as well as to and from your guests? What kind of printing will you require?

Who will be designing your stationary and what are their fees?

Will your files require additional conversions or alterations by us?

How intricate is your laser cutting?

Do your invitations require assembly?

If this hasn’t scared you away from the process, feel free to send us an e-mail with your invitation concept. Engineering and Prototypes Laser cutting and engraving create fast and accurate 2D prototypes, templates, jigs, and proof of concept models. for Designers Laser Boys specializes in working with all types of design groups, offering designer friendly laser cutting and etching services . Our customers range from corporate companies to independent freelancers and designers.